5 Steps to Making Camel Hair Fabric

September 06, 2016

5 Steps to Making Camel Hair Fabric

Camel Hair Fibre

After camel hair is gathered through cruelty-free combing and collection, a stringent process is conducted to make sure the finest camel hair is selected to be spun into camel hair yarn.

  1. Fine, soft hairs are separated from coarse hairs. (Coarse hairs can be used for ropes and strong yarn)
  2. These hairs are washed to ensure they do not contain any dirt or debris that may have accumulated during the collection process
  3. The sorted and washed hair undergoes a process called “dehairing”. Again any coarse hair is removed and any excess dandruff or other debris is removed.
  4. Once dehairing is completed, the fibres are spun into yarn.
  5. This yarn can be then used for weaving or knitting fine camel wool products such as Camel Hug!

Camel Hair Yarn



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