Benefits of Natural Therapy When Dealing with Chronic Pain

September 13, 2016

Benefits of Natural Therapy When Dealing with Chronic Pain

You've become tired of conventional treatments for a countless number of ailments. Such treatments are not effective and often come with potential side effects. This happens to an overwhelming number of patients that suffer from chronic pain, and this is why they are looking for alternatives, such as natural therapy.

 Natural Therapy Categories:

 natural medicine, natural therapy

Natural therapy can be classified as natural medicine, alternative medicine, or naturopathy, to mention just a few.  Within these, there are different approaches to a wide range of medical conditions. They focus on using what nature provides us with as the main resource.


If you're skeptical about natural therapy, consider those that have tried it and received positive results. 

Natural Therapy and the Open Mind:

The best way to be open minded about natural therapy is to look at an example of where it can be used and how it parallels to what a traditional treatment would be.


Let’s take a look at chronic pain.  It is estimated that one in every five Canadians suffer from chronic pain, and approximately 1 million Americans deal with this condition too. This type of pain is described as ongoing pain that can last for weeks or in many cases for years.


There can be many different causes for this. Health care providers will rule out acute causes and other diseases before diagnosing a patient with chronic pain. It can often be the end result of an original injury or the result of varied ailments. The pain can attack several different parts of the body.

Chronic Pain Traditional Treatments

massage, physical therapy

Usually several options are suggested in traditional treatment. These often include prescription drugs, usually narcotics that are effective painkillers. In addition they may suggest heat therapy, as well as exercise, and perhaps massage. The cause, location and intensity of the pain will be the determining factors of the course of traditional treatment.


The repercussions and negative aspects of the traditional treatments:

Drugs are often prescribed to handle immediate relief - the danger of this is that many of these drugs are addictive. Over time they can have an adverse effect on some of the major organs of the body.


Heat and massage therapy have no physical side effects, and can be beneficial. Booking these treatments means they are time consuming. The effects are short lived, and the cost is usually not covered by most health care plans.

Chronic Pain Natural Therapy Treatments

natural therapy, natural herbs

Treatments may vary; those that use naturopathic doctors will usually be prescribed natural herbs. Such natural remedies typically provide immediate pain control without adverse side effects.

Additional treatment will include the use of massage and heat. Patients will look to products such as a back support brace to provide warmth to their sore muscles.

Here are several facts for you to consider: 

  • There is far less cost involved.
  • Patients can use inexpensive but effective methods for heat and massage therapy.
  • They provide rapid pain relief without negative side effects
  • They also help to treat the source of the problem, not only the resulting pain.
  • In the long term this lessens or totally eliminates the chronic pain.

Home Use Chronic Pain Therapy Choices

If you have now reached the point where natural therapy for chronic pain makes sense and seems appealing to you, make sure to read our future posts to obtain additional information.


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