The Benefits of Compression in Sports

July 06, 2017

The Benefits of Compression in Sports

When you are exercising you are always looking for ways to boost your performance. Usually, the best way to accomplish that is by working hard and training more regularly. Despite this, the issue with hard training and more exercise is that you make yourself more prone to injury and burning out, which can seriously ruin your week. Thankfully, there are special compression clothes you can wear to elevate performance and reduce the risk of injury, both during and after training.

These clothes are known as compression gear and they work by squeezing your body tightly to elevate blood flow and circulation. The result, in a nutshell, is that you train better and more effectively. There have been a number of high-quality studies conducted to assess the effects of compression clothing. Many have brought back promising results regarding athletics and exercise. Here are 4 scientifically proven benefits that compression gear has during sports.

Improve Blood Circulation

Increased Blood Circulation

One of the main benefits of compression clothes is the fact that they improve the circulation of blood to whatever part of the body you are compressing. They also help to push the circulation of blood back to the heart quicker, which allows for quicker oxygen intake and improved performance. The fact that you are compressing the muscles also means that more blood will be directed towards that muscle because it is under increased strain. The result of all of this is elevated performance as well as reduced injury.


Skeletal and Muscle Support

When you are performing a high impact sport you are going to be experiencing a lot of stress on your skeleton and muscles. This is especially true for sports like running, where you are constantly hitting your feet against the floor with a lot of force. Without proper support, you can suffer from injuries like shin splints of worse. With compression gear, however, you can support your bones and muscles, protecting them from harsh, downward force. This is because the compression of the clothes can help prevent micro-vibrations in the bones and muscles which lead to injuries and pain during and after exercise.


Quick Recovery with Compression Wear


Allows for Quick Recovery

This relates to the above comment about blood circulation. The compression clothes not only promote blood circulation while you are running or exercising but they also help you when you're not. You will often see professional athletes using compression clothes after a period of intense exercise but it has been seen to help with recovery. Again, this is partly due to increased blood flow to and from the muscle. It essentially allows the muscle to recover quickly without tearing or burning out. Useful if you are training the following day.


Keeps You Warm

One of the other more well-known benefits of compression clothing is that it is great at keeping you warm. This is because the skin-tight feel of the clothing maintains installation and, depending on what material the compression garment is made from, the warmth can be elevated with a therapeutic effect. This is particularly true with Camel Hug which makes garments out of camel hair with a hollow core. This also makes the material breathable and is great at managing moisture, making it perfect for exercise.

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