Give Dad the Best Gift Ever...A Lumbar Support Brace

February 01, 2017

Give Dad the Best Gift Ever...A Lumbar Support Brace

You’re visiting your parents one weekend and then you get the call from your Mom “Honey, we’re going to have to get together another time, your Dad has a sore back again”. Tell me it isn’t so. That bear of a man who worked in the construction industry building houses for the last 20 years has a sore back. The gentle giant who used to give you a piggyback ride when he got home from work has trouble bending over to tie his shoe laces. We all know that life isn’t fair but nobody ever thought that it had to be this painful.

The numbers don’t lie. Back pain is the second most common reason for visiting a doctor, after flu and colds.  According to the Canadian Chiropractic Association, a recent survey found that 5 in 10 Canadians suffered low back pain in a six-month period and up to 85% of working people can expect to experience low back pain during their lifetime. In Canada, the cost of medical expenditures alone for low back pain are estimated between $6 and $12 billion annually taking into account the associated costs due to loss in worker productivity from time off work and disability payments.

There is no single reason that can be attributed to chronic back pain. Some people develop back issues because of injuries suffered from their weekly hockey games or a round of golf. And while these weekend warriors might think that they're athletes because they don't train like the pros, their backs suffer.

Suffering from chronic back pain? Give our Lumbar Support Brace a try today! 

Best Lumbar Support Brace


While many people resort to taking strong medications to kill the pain there can be severe side effects such as nausea, dizziness and depression. Alternative therapies like acupuncture and massage therapy may be effective but aren’t covered by all insurers and can be expensive.

Some people would have you believe that static magnetic fields may play in health and healing but after many studies yield insufficient results. Magnet therapy has been promoted as a treatment for everything from back pain to cancer and other diseases. Studies from both the American Cancer Society and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health have been inconclusive at best and haven’t shown demonstrable effects on pain, nerve function, cell growth or blood flow.

How Lumbar Support Braces Can Help

In order to deal with the growing problem of back pain management, many pain sufferers have started to use back belts or lumbar back support braces to support the lumbar region of the spine.

Some of the benefits of using lumbar support brace are:

  • Reduced internal forces putting pressure on the spine during forceful exertions of the back
  • Increased intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), which may have work in counter the forces on the spine
  • Stiffens the spine, which may decrease pressure on the spine
  • Restricting the range of motion so that the wearer doesn’t overextend
  • A great reminder that the wearer keeps his/her back straight and lifts properly

Lower back pain sufferers agree that using a lumbar back brace brings instant pain relief without the use of medication.

Who Can Benefit From a Lumbar Support Brace?

A Lumbar Support Brace is ideal for people who can’t just stop all activities and rest until their lower back pain is resolved …like good old dad! For a reasonable price, he can keep on working on his old Ford, bend over to lift a wrench and go for a weekend drive with mom.

Most people can’t afford to take a day off because of a sore back which makes it so important to be able to treat it immediately.  A Lumbar Back Support Brace helps keep you at work and avoid taking time off or an unpaid sick leave. For someone who is self-employed it will ensure that you don’t have to take a day off. Then you will understand this point and those with unsympathetic bosses will do also.

Helpful Lumbar Support Braces


A lumbar support brace can bring instant pain relief for anyone suffering from posture-related back pain as well as herniated discs, pinched nerves, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, muscle strains, pulled muscles, spinal arthritis or any other chronic low back pain.

Back supports are a great way to not only help protect your back from injury but they can also play an active part in your back injury recovery and assisting with training your posture to become more efficient helping to prevent further injury.

With all of the choices out there, you would think that finding the right support brace would be difficult.  But thanks to Camel Hug, choosing the right support for a loved one has never been easier.

The Camel Hug Lumbar Support Brace is  a natural back brace that has been specially designed to ease back pain relief and to provide all day comfort.  While providing warmth for your back and abdominals, wearers have the additional benefit of therapeutic support minimizing back pain. Its seamless knitting and mild compression contours to all body shapes, optimizing fit and providing the best back support possible. And the great thing is anyone can use it!

Some of its features include:

  • Breathable
  • Moisture wicking
  • Warm
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Non-restrictive, allows for full range of motion
  • Easy to remove and put on
  • Portable 


It’s made of 100% camel de-haired fully combed virgin yarn, and blended with an appropriate percentage of elastane or spandex yarn to provide both mild compression while retaining stretchability.

Hand washable its modern moisture wicking anti-bacterial properties within the construction material helps keep your skin fresh and germ free. And the Camel Hug Lumbar Support Brace is designed for the safe use in the work place providing you with warmth, compression, comfort, stability and flexibility.

Whereas rigid supports will use form-fitting plastic molds that will restrict motion up to 50%, soft braces like the Lumbar Support Brace  restrict forward spinal motion, and to stabilize the spine while providing support during more physically stressful activities.

All of Camel Hugs products were conceived with the wearer’s comfort and flexibility in mind. The company founder of Camel Hugs was one heck of a golfer but suffered from chronic back and knee issues. Looking for a solution that would allow him to play in comfort and in cold weather; his research found that current joint support products didn’t suit him. Not only were they uncomfortable due to tightness of the materials; synthetic materials cause skin irritation for most people that wear supports.

Having known about the unique properties of camel hair fibre for a long time due to his career in the textile industry, the material’s softness of the material and combined with the moisture-wicking and self-warming attributes could be transformed into natural therapeutic garments. Camel hair is used in some of the world’s most luxurious clothing, especially in Europe.

Customers love the new found freedom that Camel Hug’s products have given them; helping them get a part of their lives back that they thought was gone forever. Whether they are suffering from osteoarthritis or a herniated disc; Camel Hugs have been helping them manage the pain that’s been limiting them from walking and bending. Not only does it keep you warm in cold weather but some of our customers have played golf in 25 degree Celsius weather without feeling hot.

And while a back brace or lumbar support brace won’t cure back pain forever; regular core muscle exercises and receiving the proper nutrition daily can help you eliminate your back pain for good.

While you won’t be able to take Dad ice skating or fishing this time, the gift of a Lumbar Support Brace for his sore back, will allow him to enjoy his favourite activities all the time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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