Avoiding Harmful Chemicals in Your Workout Clothes

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Avoiding Harmful Chemicals in Your Workout Clothes

In today's society, we are constantly looking for cleaner and more natural alternatives when it comes to the things we use. This includes changes in our foods, makeup products, and medicine. Healthier living is promoted widely in everyday life and keeping yourself fit and active is now encouraged. However, one thing that has dodged the health radar is clothing.

A lot of our clothing is man-made and not entirely natural. This goes for all types of clothing, including casual, smart and sportswear. In fact, among all those different types, sportswear and workout clothing is particularly artificial and can, in some cases, become harmful towards your health.

This is partly a result of the harsh chemicals brands use to make the clothes more efficient when it comes to stretching and sweating. Clothing that has wicking capabilities is processed and coated in different chemicals to help push sweat away from the body and some studies have found that these chemicals could have an effect on our long-term health without us even knowing about it.

The Evidence

With the way the news and media are, it can be difficult to believe such claims. However, a number of scientific inquiries have found that the chemicals in workout clothing can actually have hidden effects on our health.

One such study was performed by Greenpeace when they were investigating the chemicals contained in some of the worlds biggest brands World Cup merchandise.  They found that there were a lot of harmful and dangerous chemicals residing in the clothes, including nonylphenol ethoxylates, nonylphenols, and PFCs. A follow-up study performed by a Swedish team of investigators discovered that almost 10% of all textiles are potentially harmful to human health.

The short-term effects of these chemicals are very difficult to study, however. Many organizations have stated that the chemicals in sportswear are not harmful to human health in the short term but they have little idea of what the implications are for long-term effects. This leaves a big gap in research and one that need to be filled sooner rather than later.

Moisture wicking shirts don't always keep sweat away


Moisture-Wicking Sportswear

A lot of the chemicals that are present in sportswear is the result of moisture-wicking. This is used to help you stay cool and dry when you're working out because you're bound to acuminate a lot of sweat. The moisture-wicking abilities of the sportswear force the moisture away from the skin and towards the surface of the material. The entire process is actually very helpful and helps you during workouts.

However, a lot of the moisture-wicking process is artificial and many companies incorporate chemicals to help with the wicking. In fact, chemical moisture wicking is the most common way to improve the wicking abilities of certain materials and it enables the material to be more efficient and less expensive. These chemicals can cause harm to your body because of the consistent rubbing and friction your skin is exposed to.

Moisture and sweat on skin is difficult to control


Camel Hug's Natural Moisture-Wicking Material

There are some companies and manufacturers who produce chemical-free sportswear which has wicking abilities. There are a lot of different materials that can be used to help wick moisture and sweat away from the skin and because the process is more natural, it is better for you and your body.

Camel Hug uses the power of camel hair to give the compression sportswear the ability to effectively wick moisture away from the skin without the use of harmful chemicals. An amazing bonus you get from using natural moisture-wicking material is that lasts a lot longer between washes. The chemically treated moisture-wicking material will lose its use after a few washes but, with natural material, the wicking ability cannot be removed.

If you want to keep your body healthy when you're working out, we suggest you use brands like Camel Hug to ensure you're not exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. Our collection is full of sportswear and compression gear that will boost your performance in the gym and keep you healthy in the process. Have a browse, there's something for everyone.

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