The Heat Regulating Properties of Camel Hair

September 19, 2017

The Heat Regulating Properties of Camel Hair

Compression clothing is a very common application when it comes to sport as well as therapy. Compression clothing offers an enormous benefit to blood flow as well as mobility, which is perfect for athletes who want to improve their performance but not suffer during their rest periods. For therapy also, the enhanced blood flow helps with pain relief and the increased mobility is very helpful for stiff and achy legs.

A third benefit that a lot of people tend to overlook with compression clothing is the heat regulation. The tighter fit helps with the production and retention of heat which is helpful for those training sessions in the cold winter months. It also helps therapeutically with the reduction of pain in sensitive areas. However, while all compression clothing offers some sort of heat benefit, nothing compares to the heating abilities of Camel Hug.

Camel Hair is a comfortable fabric to wear all year round, and especially in winter months


What is Special about Camel Hug?

It is not difficult to see what is different about Camel Hug - it's in the name! All our compression clothing and garments are made from organic, natural camel hair. This makes our compression clothing superior in many ways as camel hair is incredibly good at storing and conducting heat. However, although the hair is good as storing heat, it can also circulate and cool you when it is a little hotter. There are a number of reasons why camel hair is so good at regulating heat and it is mostly the result of physical differences in the hair infrastructure.

Camel Hair comes from Bactrian Camels, who live in extreme cold and extreme warm temperatures


Camel Hair and Heat Regulation

Although camels may live in the desert, they also have to live through the freezing desert nights. As a result, their hair is especially adaptable to cope with both boiling and sub-zero temperatures. Their hair strands have a unique hollow core that allows for the circulation of air and this "Medulla" is the reason it is so good at regulating heat. Depending on the climatic conditions, the air flowing in the hair can both cool you and heat you, making it perfect all year round.

In addition, the reason athletes love camel hair garments is because of their natural wicking abilities. If you begin to sweat, the camel hair will act as a natural wick and push the liquid away from the body towards the outside of the material. This, as a result, keeps you cool and dry without hindering your athletic performance. Moreover, because the material is all natural, your body is not exposed to harmful chemicals that may be present in other sports clothing, as many brands coat their products to improve their wicking abilities.



The heat regulation presented with camel hair is unmatched and applying this to compression clothes is revolutionary. No product can compare to the abilities of Camel Hug when it comes to keeping you cool during winter months and cool during hot summer days. The hair's natural wicking ability also allows you to stay cool and dry during training sessions and because the material is natural, you aren't exposed to any nasty chemicals as with other brands. If you're looking for compression clothing that will work no matter what the season, have a browse of our collections.

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