Are Natural Pain Relief Remedies Right for Me?

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Are Natural Pain Relief Remedies Right for Me?

Pain is complex and there are many ways you can treat it.

The difficult thing about pain is that it is felt differently by everyone, and there is no consensus over what pain actually is and how it is defined. Some believe pain to be a signal from our body telling us that something is wrong, whereas, others believe that it is our body telling us that something is broken. As a result of this dispersion in meaning, there are many different ways to relieve pain and they all have benefits and limitations.

A common method of pain relief is through the application of natural remedies, and they have been known to be very successful. Natural remedies may not be for everyone, but it’s good to gain some perspective on treatments that are available.

This article will go through the various natural pain relief methods and will be assessing their benefits and limitations, as well as comparing them to other treatments, such as drugs and surgery.

Natural Remedies – What are they?

Natural remedies are essentially using nature, natural products and natural methods to reduce pain, and have been known to be very effective. Natural pain relief does not follow any form of science and doesn’t have much scientific proof as to whether it physically reduces pain, but individuals who have used natural remedies to reduce pain in places like the back muscles have seen great results.

There are many different forms of natural pain relief and they can come in the form of herbs/plants, Braces and Supports, dietary changes and chiro.

Best Natural Pain Relief


Herbal Remedies

Natural pain relief via herbal application has been around for years and is a medical system based on the use of plants. Plants can either be eaten or rubbed on the skin and they been used by many different cultures throughout the world to treat any disease and illness you can think off. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, many professional health practitioners recommend herbal remedies in the form of tea, extracts and capsules, and are seen to have some benefit on a wide array of medical problems, including burns, heartburn and back muscle pain.

So, herbal remedies are both recommended by health professionals and have been seen to have some effect on diseases and illnesses. However, they do have some issues in relation to side effects when they are mixed with drugs. Mixing drugs and herbs can be a bad idea, especially if the drugs and herbs have opposite actions, and you should check with your pharmacist about the interactions. In addition, herbs should not be consumed or used during pregnancy and nursing (breast feeding). Herbal remedies may have negative effects if taken by children also, so only use herbs if you’re an adult. 

Natural Pain Relief Using Braces & Supports

Braces and supports are a great way to aid and help joint pain, back muscle pain and blood flow.

There are many different styles of braces and supports, with a common one being compression clothes, which squeeze the body and promote heat and natural pain relief to body parts such as back muscles. A perfect example of compression clothing is the natural camel hair supports Camel Hug sells, which are made entirely out of camel hair. Supports work by aiding the joints and muscles in the body with heat and a massage effect, and supports for the back help relieve pain in the back muscles by promoting good posture and taking weight off the spine.

Many people support the use of braces, and advancements in the material that supports are made out of have contributed to improved pain relief. For example, camel hair is a natural alternative at retaining heat, providing breathability and therapeutic effects to neoprene materials that are typically used.

Dietary Changes

One natural remedy for pain relief involves changes to your diet. The dietary side of natural remedies to pain relief is also related to herbs and plants, as some people believe that eating certain plants with meals has positive effects on pain relief. A surprising finding that is supported by science, is that a vegetarian diet can actually relieve back muscle pain and reduce inflammation. Eating things like flax and chia seeds all contribute towards a reduction in inflammation, and it is even better if you combine them with fatty fish (that are rich in omega-3). There are also a number of foods that are bad and can actually increase pain, and these include any processed foods that are high in saturates. It is also suggested that you avoid nightshade vegetables, but this lacks scientific evidence.

Giving your body specific nutrients has also been seen to have positive effects on pain relief and is an excellent way to reduce back muscle pain. Calcium and Vitamin D are perfect and contribute to your overall bone mass which helps to support your spine and other joints in the body. The calcium should come from natural sources such as milk, cheese and yogurt, but if you are unable to eat your daily amount, consider supplements.

Easy Natural Pain Relief Methods


Chiropractic Pain Relief

Chiro and massages have been found to provide effective natural pain relief and are used constantly as a nonsurgical treatment for back muscle pain. Chiro and chiropractors relief pain with very hands-on treatments and involves muscle manipulation, as the theory behind the treatment suggests that proper alignment of the muscles and bones will let the body heal itself, without the intervention of unnatural techniques, like drugs. Chiro is often used as a natural pain relief for back muscle pain, and is also used to restore mobility to joints. Chiropractic is sometimes used with medical treatment also. A chiropractor will first begin by giving your medical history an inspection, and then will do a full physical exam. They will then formulate a plan which may involve several muscle adjustments, as well as nutritional and exercise counseling.

Chiro is generally considered safe and a great natural pain relief, especially for lower back muscle pain. It is also very effective if you have suffered an injury from a sport or heavy lifting, and can speed up the recovery of acute pain. In addition, research has found that individuals benefited from the treatment for both neck pain and headaches. However, there is little evidence to support the other techniques used in Chiro, such as prolotherapy, which involves natural sugar injections to strengthen ligaments.

Un-Natural Pain Relief Remedies – What are they?

Unnatural remedies are the complete opposite to natural remedies and involve the application of synthetic substances and invasive treatment, such as surgery and drugs. These are the more common ways to relieve pain and can be easily used if you have a quick injury or acute pain. Things like drugs can be bought from any pharmacist and unnatural techniques are sometimes combined with natural remedies to have maximum effect.

Supplements for Pain Relief Naturally



Drugs are one of the ways to relieve pain and can be either nonprescription or prescription. Over-the-counter nonprescription medications and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are often used for milder pain relief and can include Tylenol, aspirin and ibuprofen. As well as medication, topical pain relief can be applied in the form of cream and lotions which are rubbed on the skin, and are often used to relieve back muscle pain. Prescribed drugs are usually stronger than your standard drugs and are often used in short-term treatment plans. Prescription drugs include: muscle relaxants, Valium and codeine.

Drugs as a way of relieving pain are common practice and are cheap and easy to get your hands on, and are supported by many scientific experiments. However, unlike the natural remedies to pain relief, drugs can have a number of negative effects on your health, and have a host of side effects. One of these is that pain relieving drugs increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and in 2015 the FDA asked that drugs have a warning label about how likely they are to cause such fatal problems.   


If drugs and various other techniques haven’t worked for you, another way to relieve pain is through surgical intervention and implants. There are two types of surgical implants you can have that control pain: intrathecal drug delivery (IDD) and spinal cord stimulation implants (SCSIs). IDD involves placing a medical pump under the skin that pumps medication to a small space near the spine. This allows medication to have immediate effect as it is being delivered straight to the spinal cord where pain signals travel. As a result, IDD provides pain relief to all areas, including the back muscles, with only a small medical dosage. SCSIs, on the other hand, involve the blocking of pain signals through the application of a low-level electrical current being transmitted to the spinal cord. This method is very popular for back muscle pain and specific limb pain. The implant that is placed in the body is remotely controlled by the patient who can control when to block signals. The downside to this device is that the currents can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Are Natural Pain Relieving Remedies Right For You?

The answer to this question after reviewing this article should be “yes”, and for many good reasons. Natural remedies for pain relief are so widely used and are even recommended by pain specialists and professionals alike, so that alone should tell you natural pain relief solutions are perfectly fine and are an effective way to treating pain, particularly back muscle pain. Natural pain relief methods have been known to be effective, and have been seen to stand the test of time, as many methods having been used throughout the years by many ancient tribes before the application and production of synthetic and unnatural treatments, such as drugs. In regards to the use of drugs and muscle relaxants, these have incredibly nasty side effects and lead people to become dependent on them. Natural remedies promote independence and a way to relieve pain without even consulting a doctor; it can be done all by yourself.

There are myriad reviews and testimonies about the effects of natural remedies, including those resulting from the use naturally made braces and supports – such as Camel Hug. People suffering with chronic back muscle pain who have tried everything have found relief when wearing these braces, which are made out of natural camel hair. They can be discreetly hidden under clothes and have helped many people fight back, joint and muscle pain effectively and naturally. You should 100% check out the testimonial page on this website, as the results people are having from using natural remedies, such as Camel Hug’s Compression Wrist Brace, are truly amazing. 


As you can see, there are many ways to relieve pain and you should read them through, research them, and identify which method is right for you. Natural remedies are praised for their therapeutic abilities and lack of negative side effects. Natural remedies can work, and some people only use natural pain relief as they’ve found it works better than unnatural methods. Drugs and surgery can have horrific side effects and, in cases of surgery, can be very expensive. For these reasons, it is definitely recommended that you give natural remedies a go and see if they work for you. People preach the effects of natural pain relief methods, and you can see the testimonials yourself on websites such as Camel Hug. Hundreds and thousands of people find relief using natural methods, they’re inexpensive, effective and even recommended by professionals, you really have nothing to lose.



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