Why Compression Clothes are Great for Therapy

August 30, 2017

Why Compression Clothes are Great for Therapy

During therapy, a doctor or physician will suggest many different ways to fix the problem you’re having. They could offer you medicine and drugs or they could offer you some sort of therapy, especially if the issue revolves around a physical impairment. However, did you know that one treatment regularly offered is compression therapy?

This involves the use of compression clothes which are suited/fitted for individual body areas, like legs, arms or back (as well as much more). This might come as a bit of a surprise because compression clothes are normally featured in sports because of their ability to help athletes recover from hard training sessions or competitions. However, those same benefits can be applied to therapy.

By using compression clothing like Camel Hug, your physical well-being can be improved dramatically because of the increased blood flow and mobility. The clothes also prevent swelling which is helpful if you’ve suffered from a particularly nasty injury or suffer from issues such as Chronic Venous Disease and Lymphedema. Below is a number therapeutic benefits compression clothing can give you.


Increased Blood Circulation

One of the main benefits to using compression clothing for therapy is the increased blood flow to the troubled body part, as well as to the heart. The compression squeezes the muscles and focuses the blood flow towards it, resulting in quicker recovery and pain relief. The gentle pressure from compression gear also helps to stop blood building up and pooling in the damaged area which can cause swelling and various other complications. You can even get a blood clot if the swelling and build-up is extreme.

Certain conditions also cause the internal blood vessels in your body to expand and if this continues they can collapse on themselves, causing you a whole range of problems. With the application of compression gear, however, all this can be prevented and you can be on your way to a quicker and less painful recovery.


Knee Pain From Running

Increased Mobility

When you have suffered from an illness or injury that has affected a particular body part, you are not going to be using it as regularly as you once were because of the increased sensitivity and pain. This is awkward if the issue resides in places such as the legs, which you use every day. The application of compression garments adds structure and stability to the body and reduces the physical pain you may suffer from movement.

This is especially important if you are suffering from a muscular issue as the compression clothes will be able to support and squeeze the muscle preventing them from vibrating and displacing.


Compression gear has a whole range of benefits and is primarily featured in sports to help athletes perform and recover better. However, the original purpose for compression gear was for therapeutic benefit because of the enhanced blood flow the clothing produces and the increased mobility it provides to the muscles and skeleton. It is for this reason why you’ll see a lot of individuals wearing items like Camel Hug to help relief and support their achy muscles. Give Camel Hug a try today and see the therapeutic benefit compression gear can provide you.

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