About Us

It wasn’t always this way. Before chronic back and knee issues began to bother him,  Camel Hug’s owner always enjoyed his favourite sport … without pain.  As an avid golfer he began looking for a solution that would reduce muscle soreness, increase blood circulation, allow him to play golf comfortably and keep him warm.

Like everyone else who tried joint and muscle support products on the market, he found most compression sleeves to be bulky, tight and uncomfortable. Some products caused his skin to chafe when the synthetic materials rubbed against his skin giving him a rash or causing him to itch.   Other types of compression sleeves weren’t made from breathable materials and left an unpleasant odor after exercising. As an entrepreneur, he then decided to develop a line of his own compression sleeves and accessories that would be superior to existing product offerings. 

His successful many year career in textile and clothing manufacturing had given him the privilege of working with some large internationally known apparel lines and brand names. He knew that there were more comfortable and natural materials on the market. A flexible unique material that met the needs of the everyday construction worker, delivery man or weekend warrior athlete was camel hair fibre. Because its high thermostatic properties provide insulation, in the past it was used in a variety of functional applications in carpets and tents. But from the 17th century onwards, it was used in garments. In fact Jaeger, a British manufacturer used it in the production of fine woolen fabrics for coats and suits. Its growing popularity in the U.S. in the 1920s and 1930s saw it introduced into polo as camel hair coats were worn by players in between matches.

When used in a compression sleeve, the softness of the material, combined with moisture-wicking and self-warming attributes of camel hair is not only comfortable and expandable but the natural therapeutic benefits reduce soreness through targeted compression.  Keeping that in mind, Camel Hug was born and began introducing products since year 2014.

Camel Hug’s compression wrist sleeves, arm sleeves, elbow sleeves, leg sleeves and lumbar support braces have been manufactured with the customer in mind. Using graduated compression technology that provides higher or tighter compression at the foot and ankle and lower or looser compression as the sleeve goes up the calf and lower leg, Camel Hug is the unique compression sleeve on the market.  And why wouldn’t it be; you deserve to live and move comfortably.



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