Dear Camel Hug Company,

 I cannot begin to tell you how life changing the camel hug products have been for me . 

After a very intense battle with breast cancer, chemotherapy had taken a huge toll on my body, causing extensive soft tissue damage in both my knees and hips . Prior to becoming sick , I was a marathon runner and those joints were weak, so that would be subject to the most damage.


I had met Steve at the Markham Fair three years ago. As I walked by the camel hug booth, he noticed I was using a cane. He thought I was rather young and asked me what had happened . He got me a chair and was very kind and empathetic to my situation. I told him I had two young children and it was so hard to do things with them. I would be facing a double knee replacement in the near future due to the fact both knees had no cartilage. I was bone on bone. 

Steve out fitted both my legs with the long set of camel hugs and told me to walk around the fair and come back to him to see if I noticed a difference. I thought that was extremely kind of him, and took him up on his offer. He did not pressure me to buy, give me a sales pitch or try to sell me multiple products. Steve genuinely wanted to help me... He simply said, 'just try them , I do hope they help'. 

In just that short amount of time, the effects were unbelievable !!! I couldn't believe the support and pain relief I was getting !!! I was beginning to lose hope there was something for me. I was spending hundreds of dollars on creams and rubs and the effects of the camel hug products were way better and much more cost effective !!! I left that day wearing the camel hugs on my legs and purchased one that covered my lower hip area. 

It had been a couple years that I had been able to take my daughter camping, but that year, I was able to !! I was able to do things I thought I would never be able to do again. My pain had been elevated but it was the support that was so incredible for me.


Camel hugs saved me when I thought there was nothing. Why are doctors not venturing out to find theses products !!!???!!! My rheumatologist nor my other doctors were very interested in what I had to say. They were more interested in filling me with pills and rounds of cortisone and prednisone that had horrific side effects on me, due to my particular immune system disorder.


The following year, I bought my second set of camel hugs, I wore them non stop, and the following year, Steve introduced me to the new socks , which have given me particularly good healing effects on my ankles which tend to swell.

It is my hope that folks suffering with osteo and rheumatoid arthritis become aware of that products .I do hope Steve can get into doctors offices to explain these amazing products !!!

I must add, I was first concerned about the camels in this process, as both a vegan and a believer in animal rights. But the camel fur is collected after it has moulted off the camel. The camel no longer needs it. This fur is so soft and breathable you can wear it year round.


The camel hug products helped me get a part of my life back that I thought was gone forever. I am beyond grateful to Steve for his sensitivity and kindness and for introducing me to this wonderful product .


Warmest regards,

Mia Lau

Markham resident



I wanted to thank you for the back support brace that you have sold me.  I was really impressed with the results that I got from wearing it.  It only took one week of wearing it all day for one straight week that I noticed the difference in my posture as well significant reduction in pain. 

I have been afflicted with chronic back pain for the last 4 years. I have tried many different alternative approach to mitigate the pain. I have also tried to stay away from becoming dependent on muscle relaxants to pain medication but anyone who has this debilitating condition can tell you that anyone will try pretty much anything to relieve themselves of this pain. 

I know this product was very helpful to me because it can be worn discreetly under your clothes, less restrictive providing just the right amount of pressure not to compromise your back muscle and rely completely on the support.  The lumber support allows you the flexibility to wear it for longer period of time because of the natural material that was used in manufacturing this product

I strongly believe right balance and duration of back support will provide the right  conditions necessary for my back muscle healing and recovery.

- Roderick Pamintuan, Maintenance Service Operator


I have tennis elbow and shoulder pain on my right hand side for the past 4 years due to extended hours using the numeral pad on the keyboard.  For the past 2 years, I even developed swollen finger joints on my right hand also. Sometimes the pain is sharp and sometimes it was numb like crawling ants, and my upper arm feels sore usually after half days work. I tried elbow pads and wrist bands that I bought in pharmacies and I got temporary relief only and rashes appeared on my inner elbow.  

After I was introduced to the Camelhug products, I was very excited to know someone really cares to use good quality material (Camel hair) to produce quality products. I immediately tried the elbow pad which is long enough to extent to my upper arm, and the wrist bands. They stay snuggly under my shirts and provide day-long warmth and support that relief the pain and stiffness of my hand.  The Camel hair is gentle on my skin which is very sensitive to synthetic material.  Camel hair is breathable too as my elbow pad and wrist bands stay dry all the time. 

I’m really happy with the quality of the products

-Jean Zou, Administrative Officer


We met at the Woodbridge fall fair. you asked me to wear the Camel Hug wristband and give you some feed back.  So here it goes.
I found the wristband to be soft and comfortable. As someone who work a lot with computers I didn't find it to be bulky or awkward on the wrists.  In fact, it sort of forced me to start using the proper typing stance again. This resulted in less stress on my wrist.
Yes, I am wearing them as I type this email.
-Kirk Gordon, computer user



I have sciatica and osteoarthritis. The pain has been limiting my walking and bending. I have been using camel hug for my waist and knee, and since then I have been able to play golf and get around without trouble. The material is not thick. I wore it playing golf at 25 degree celsius and did not feel hot. I strongly recommend it for all people who have backache and knee pain.

 - Samuel Lam, Retired Doctor


I’ve been using the leggings for over one year and my thighs and calves have gained more blood circulation. I suffer from osteoarthritis, but these leggings have increased my mobility, my ability to walk for long periods of time and allowed me to get back to my usual activities. I will be recommending this line of products to all my friends.

 - Carol Jesper


I have weak cartilage in both my knees which makes them stiff – my knees feel even worse when I’m in air conditioned rooms.  I’ve tried Tensor knee pads before but they are too tight and uncomfortable for me to wear for a long period of time. After I tried the Camel Hug knee pads for about ten minutes, I could feel my joints loosen up again and my mobility improved. Now I wear them every day either to warm up my joints or to stay mobile in cold environments. They’re so comfortable I can wear them all day.

 - Ruth Kwong, Pharmacy Assistant


I fish almost every weekend. After an 8-10 hours casting, my arms get pretty sore .I’m lucky that I found Camel hug’s arm warmer last year. After I wore it for the first few times out on the water, it kept my arms warm and protect my muscles from casting heavy lures.  I feel much less sore after one day of fishing.

I also hike a lot with 15-20KG backpack. I thought the lumbar support might help me. I gave it a try and result is amazing. It gives very good support. Now I even wear it when I take a long drive. 

 - Karl Wu, Fishing and Outdoor Enthusiast


 In comparison with other products I’ve tried in the past to relieve my elbow and wrist pains, I’ve found that the Camel Hug products work much more efficiently. I’ve noticed an improvement in my joint movement and a lot less pain when I do my day-to-day activities! I no longer need any pain medication.

 - Tammy Alders


I suffer from asthma which gets worse when I feel cold.  I purchased the dickie, lumbar and leggings, as I was told the natural warmth of the products would improve my blood circulation and keep me warm. My coughing has noticeably diminished since wearing the products. 

 - Lillia Huang


 I received very friendly and helpful customer service when I called to inquire about the Camel Hug products. I was intrigued that the staff was so knowledgeable and gave me so much advice about their products. I ended up purchasing the lumbar support for myself, and the elbow pads for my wife!

 - Sebastian Nanty


 My job requires me to be in extremely cold weather and extremely hot weather throughout the year, but my Camel Hug toque has gotten me through the toughest times on the job! Bravo!

 - Melanie St-Denis


 These products are extremely lightweight, durable, yet provide the support and protection I need when I am doing sports. I travel a lot with them and after many washes; they have remained how they were when I bought them brand new!

  - Annette Patton


 FANTASTIC! Keeps me warm, happy, comfortable!

 - Louis Jacobs