Care & Wash Instructions

The Camel Hug team is proud to make durable and long lasting wellness products for our customers. Here's some advice to keep your Camel Hug products in great shape for many years!


Silicon Strip Care

The silicon strip behind the elastic band of the leggings, knee pads, arm warmers and elbow pads may temporarily lose its grip when its surface accumulates dust or sweat. The ability to grip can be easily regained by cleaning the silicon surface with a wet lint free cloth or water.

Care After Use

To enhance freshness and to prevent moisture, we recommend turning your Camel Hug products turned inside-out and hung overnight after daily use. 

Wearing Camel Hug Compression Clothing

To provide optimal fit for your compression clothing,  we recommend the following:

1. Turn the silicon strip inside out by turning the tubular opening a couple inches.

2. Maneuver product to preferred position.

3, Turn the silicon strip back to its normal position to lock the garment in place.

Washing Instructions

  • Hand wash with cold water
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Use steam shots to improve smoothness
  • Do not tumble dry, iron or bleach