Camel Hug's Unique Properties

It has been said that being unique is better than being perfect. (Octamelia Sasmitha Aatmaja). If that is the case then Camel Hugs are unique in every way.

Unlike synthetic materials which can cause itchiness or skin rash, Camel Hug products made from the finest fibers of camel hair that comes from the Bactrian camel.  This species of camel can be found throughout the Siberian steppe and the cold, arid deserts of Central and Eastern Asia. The camel hair from these animals has the dual purpose of keeping them cool when the temperature rise to over 37° Celsius (100° F)  and warm when the temperature drops to as low as –29° Celsius (–20° F).

In order to respect these wonderful creatures as well as provide the highest quality of camel hair, fibers are collected through cruelty-free and sustainable methods. Camels naturally shed their hair annually every spring during a 6-8 week moulting season where it is combed and then collected. Each camel can produce around five pounds (2.25 kg) of hair annually.

Fallen hair is normally gathered manually, by hand. After the hair has been collected, the coarse and fine hairs are then separated so that only the highest quality of camel hair is used in production. Fibers are then washed and combed many times to remove any dirt or debris and then spun into yarn suitable for weaving or knitting.

Camel Hug’s compression sleeves and accessories unique properties offer many benefits including: 

  • Less likely to cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation because no artificial dyes have been added
  • Easy to wear and less bulky than comparative garments of equal warmth
  • Free movement and no restrictions on motion because of their flexible properties
  • Superior breathability when compared to synthetic materials which reduces moisture from sweating
  • Thermostatic or temperature regulating properties allows them to be warm in cold weather and cool in warmer weather
  • Soft and lightweight for a more natural experience
  • Enhanced blood circulation while providing all day joint relief
  • Accelerated injury recovery process and quicker recovery time as the compression sleeve enables blood flow to circulate quicker to the heart

Camel Hug products provide natural all day comfort and pain relief through mild compression that prevents tightness and soreness.

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