The Use of Camel Hair in Therapeutic Garments


Aside from Camel Hugs unique properties that set it apart from synthetic materials, the use of camel hair in therapeutic garments is known to provide many benefits.

Thermostatic or Temperature Regulating Benefits

Camel hair has a hollow core or a Medulla which circulates air flow depending on the climatic conditions and provides temperature regulation. Its ability to manage moisture is especially beneficial to athletes and occupations that require physical exertion. Its superior breathability characteristics reduce the amount of moisture that is retained.

Camel hair has a hollow core which helps circulate air flow and regulate temperature


Therapeutic Benefits

Camel hair or wool provides pain relief and a micro massage effect through targeted compression by stimulating blood circulation and providing warmth. Oxygen containing blood is pumped from our heart to our extremities and muscles. As the cells absorb the oxygen and other nutrients from the blood and use them to complete the motions, the deoxygenated blood containing the waste products and lactic acid are transported back to the heart to receive oxygen from the lungs and return through the body.

In order to improve performance, an increased rate of oxygenated blood flow to the muscles will improve performance. There is a direct relationship between the amount of oxygen the cells receive and the body’s ability to function. Simply put the more the better. Likewise excessive waste buildup can contribute to soreness and decreased ability to perform.

Not only do compression sleeves make the wearer’s arms and legs feel lighter but they increase the rate at which deoxygenated blood flows to the heart. Once again the increased circulation leads to better performance.



Camel hair has therapeutic properties such as stimulating blood flow and providing natural warmth


Lightweight Benefits

Camel hair is a naturally flexible material that returns to its original form after it has expanded. Unlike synthetic materials which lose their elasticity over time, camel hair will last for many years with properly cleaning and care. If you are wearing compression sleeves or that causes your arms or legs to become easily fatigued and heavy then they might not be the right size or proper fit. It’s important that your compression garments stabilize your muscles during a physical activity or you may risk physical injury.

Camel hair is a lightweight and resilient material